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My clients are professionals / executives who have spent so much of their time building a successful career / business, that romance had to take a back seat. Others have been married before and divorced or widowed and now the challenge is finding someone to provide mutual support and understanding. Then comes the awakening moment that it would be wonderful to have someone to share life with; to experience a deep connection with one special person and build a life together. The next question is: “Where does one go to meet like-minded people?”

Kas Naidoo is a Relationship Expert and Matchmaker. She has interviewed over 1000 people (single, divorced and widowed) to understand where the challenges lie in meeting the right person and why some relationships work, while others fail. She regularly attends business network meetings and meets lots of amazing people who are alone and also looking for that ideal partner.

Kas also believes that every person deserves love, happiness and a companion to share life with. To date she has matched over 800 people.

Kas is on a mission to not only introduce people, but also to help you create deeply loving, mutually uplifting relationships that are sustainable.


  • Single, divorced or widowed (not separated or in the process of divorce)
  • Qualified Professionals or CEO’s
  • People who take care of themselves physically
  • Good values
  • Financially independent
  • Looking for a committed relationship with one special person
  • 25 – 65 year olds


  • If a client matches all the criteria, Kas will personally interview you to draw up a profile. This gives us a better idea of who you are, what you have to offer as well as what you are looking for in a relationship. You also have the opportunity to ask your relationship – related questions.
  • As a Relationship Coach, Kas also ensures that members are ready for a new relationship. If necessary, coaching will be suggested before meeting a new person.
  • Enrolment + Profile = R3000 (Includes your first introduction). Thereafter R500 per introduction.

Your perfect match is out there, they simply don’t know your address! Take the 1st step, call to set up an appointment on 062 749 8855

Business Hours: Mon – Fri 8am – 5pm

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