Kas Naidoo has been a Life Coach since 2001

Her passion and focus is on helping professionals step into their fullest potential and live lives of ultimate success, vibrant wellbeing and epic relationships.

The Creating Conscious Relationships program has been designed to help both singles or couples to consciously create healthy relationships that are loving, authentic, deeply meaningful and mutually supportive. Don’t settle for mediocrity or struggle in your relationships.

Most professionals spend years studying before embarking on your chosen careers; but with relationships we seem to have the belief that the perfect person will one day come along, we will fall in love and live happily ever after. This is the fairy tale we’ve been fed since childhood and has led to a divorce rate of 53% worldwide. Don’t become another statistic. Your life and happiness are too important to simply leave to chance and hope for the best. Learn how to consciously create your own epic relationship.

Creating Conscious Relationships is a 8 week program consisting of 8 modules + 8 group discussions.


1:  Finding our blocks to love- we are usually unaware of these and if we don’t release them, we will find it difficult to create sustainable relationships

2:  Imago Match – will help you understand why past relationships failed and how you can break the pattern

3:  Self Love – this increases our capacity to give and receive true love, which greatly impacts your experience of life and your level of happiness

4: Attachment Styles – the quality of the bonding you experienced during your first relationship often determines how well you relate to your partner in intimate relationships.

5: Love Languages – Understanding your love language and your partners leads to deeper communication and understanding. Both partners feel loved, acknowledged and appreciated.

6: Balancing Masculine & Feminine energies – vitally important today as most people (men and women) carry masculine dominant energies which leads to conflict and dissatisfaction

7. Love Resolutions – crucially important if we want to create a long term relationship in today’s times. Learn how to resolve issues in a way that deepens your connection

8. Conscious Relationship Tools – when we consciously create a vision of our future, we learn how to align our actions to that future reality that we co-create with our partners

To get started, set up a 20 minute zoom session with Kas – email

Bonus for Single Professionals: After the program, you can opt to be added to a private group with other single professionals that also have a growth mindset and want a committed relationship with one special person.

Bonus For Couples: Blog posts and videos – to continuously support you on your journey to creating and sustaining your epic relationship