Feminine Power Rising

Much has been said recently about masculine and feminine power and the shifts that have taken place in the last few decades. The patriarchal energy has created a world of competition, dominance, conquering by brute force; striving and achievement at any cost. The feminine energy, lay dormant and was even supressed. In the last few decades, we have witnessed the rebirthing of this energy and it is now time for Feminine Power Rising.

The modern woman, through absolute necessity, has had to embrace her masculine power as we have become breadwinners and single parents. Women have had to step up as providers and are now equally forceful in the workplace. Could it be that, as women, we are now suppressing our own feminine energy?

In the past, masculine energy was determined by your assets, bank balance and physical strength. Today, women have access to the same. Women today earn more and own more property than ever before. Men are now questioning their role in society, within the family, in relationships and their role as provider and protector.

Feminine energy is about receptivity, collaboration, community and creation for the greater good of all. Surely, that is both powerful and necessary, especially in today’s world. Could it be that we don’t need to move from one extreme to another, and that we can find a favourable balance between these two energies?

I’m not advocating that either one energy is more important than the other; everyone is free to make choices that serve themselves and their purpose; but when we see society as a whole struggling; change is not only inevitable, it’s necessary.

The Jungian theory of anima and animus, refers to the feminine principle within men and the masculine principle within women. My vision may seem somewhat utopian, but I see a world where we balance the masculine and feminine within ourselves as individuals and this would then translate into a more balanced society and planet.

Tapping into our feminine energy for both men and women, means:

  • letting go of the need to always be in control, whether it is our environment, our relationships or our emotions
  • understanding that we do not have to prove anything to anyone. Being authentic means showing up in your life in your wholeness, not perfection.
  • Reconnecting with your heart and not simply living from your head
  • Getting in touch with your creativity and intuition
  • Working on our sense of worthiness and knowing that we are enough; even though we are on this journey of constant self-improvement
  • Being able to introspect and take complete responsibility for our thoughts, our beliefs, our actions, our choices and our emotions
  • That we stop body shaming and get in touch with our physical bodies again
  • Being kind to ourselves and the people around us
  • We go within and create from this space of alignment and connection to a greater power
  • We liberate ourselves from feelings of guilt, blame and shame
  • We forgive others and ourselves so that we can move forward in freedom
  • We get more in tune with nature
  • We laugh more and appreciate more
  • We embrace life more with all of its possibilities
  • understanding that both the masculine and feminine energies together will bring balance and wholeness
  • being willing to learn and grow constantly no matter our age

This new paradigm will create partnerships that are empowered and able to create conscious relationships, businesses, families and communities. Let’s end the war between the sexes once and for all. Let us embrace and balance the masculine and feminine energies within ourselves. Let us show up in our authenticity where we grow, contribute and create communities where everyone wins; where there is an exchange of giving and receiving.

My challenge to you is to take a look at your own masculine and feminine energies and ask yourself how you can bring that into balance. If one energy dominates, how can you bring in more of its counterpart. A life well lived is not about perfection; it’s about wholeness.

Kas Naidoo – Life Coach